Artist Statement

I lost the sight in my right eye when I was only two years old, too young to remember what full vision was like. I'm short-sighted, but it was the removal of my right eye in my early twenties that began my questioning of what it means to see. My exploration of this began with a camcorder. It would be my frustration at the poor quality of the digital still images it produced, that spurred me into purchasing my first DSLR.

It was to be a bout of an illness that made me seriously consider photography as art. I discovered a desire within myself to produce images that were emotive. I also realised that with every press of the shutter, the pain I feel in life seems diluted, even for that brief moment.

From photographing people, places and things, I began consciously searching. Specifically, for a particular tension, a certain wound.

Online References to my work


‘Body Image and Mind’ Workshops (2018) - See Image Above

'Street Photography Workshop' (2017) Discovery Street Photography

'The Gift of Sight' (2017) Article regarding winning Bursary

'You and I' (2016) Interview at Fragmentary.org